Driven by people. Delivered with experience. We’re reshaping what’s possible in construction.


Our Story

Established in 2016, Urban Core, formerly Urban Fitouts & Construction, is already defining a new generation in construction.

Led by Managing Director Dominique Gill, we are the first female-founded construction start-up of its kind.

With revenues topping in excess of $20 million, the Australian Financial Review has already named us one of the fastest growing companies in the country.

An ever-growing list of top-tier clients in New South Wales and Victoria rely on us for our energy and innovation.

Our stop-at-nothing commitment to quality ensures seamless commercial viability.

That means our attention to safety, risk management and client satisfaction are second to none.



Vision & Values
Safety First Approach

At Urban Core, nothing is more important than ensuring a safe working environment. That extends to subcontractors, our project team, clients, and members of the public.

To maintain our excellent track record, we employ a comprehensive health safety and environment (HSE) management system, implemented across all business units and every project, no matter how large or small.

  • Industry leader in safety
  • Fully accredited
  • Purpose-designed health safety and environment management systems
  • All site staff trained in occupational safety and first aid
  • Registered architect and licensed contractor
  • International standards compliant
Relationships First

Urban Core is a boutique construction company with a unique approach. Every client becomes a partner, not just a customer. Time-tested projects are built on enduring relationships.

Make it Happen

Urban Core’s uncompromising attention to detail creates the big picture. Precision costings and keeping safety paramount means functionality and commercial viability. Dynamic delivery of every client’s project, every time.

Sustainable and Diverse

Inclusion is the foundation of our integrity and our energy. Diversity grows our perspective and our reach. Sustainability means future-proofing.

Sustainable Core

Each Urban Core project has its own tailored environmental management plan. Our sustainability performance is then assessed independently.

Urban Core also applies this ethos internally, with frequent environmental audits that encompass the whole company. We are also a member of the Green Building Council of Australia, and on track to become carbon neutral by 2022

  • Customised environmental management planning
  • Gold standard sustainability measures
  • Frequently updated corporate responsibility policies


  • Fitout & Refurbishment

    The foundation of our business, Urban Core specialises in creating state-of-the-art contemporary spaces. Our refined technical knowledge as head contractors allows for extensive expertise across high-end retail and dining, office environments, SME businesses, industrial and more.

  • Construction Management

    Cost mitigation, risk management, stakeholder liaison and safety commitment mean elite-tier projects delivered on time and on budget.

  • Design & Construct

    Urban Core’s in-house team have the ability and acumen to fulfil every aspect of a major project. We combine cross-industry experience and diverse backgrounds for seamless execution with a fresh approach.

  • Feasibility & Cost

    Attentive partnerships allow for a detail-orientated approach to asset value maximisation, and user utility, as well as creative workarounds for complex projects. Urban Core’s inception-to-completion services emphasize early contractor involvement (ECI) as a procurement practice.

  • Remedial Works

    Urban Core provides specialised rectification and corrective actions for buildings with defects, particularly involving structural and/or water ingress issues. We have successfully completed numerous building upgrades across the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.




Building a diverse team

Management Team

We pride ourselves on being an industry pioneer for diversity and inclusion. Our managing director, Dominique Gill, was the 2021 Crystal Vision Award winner and a vocal public champion for women in construction.

Urban Core is an inclusive company so we can leverage our most powerful asset: our people. We bring a wealth of perspective to any project, and understand the real-world impact of our decisions.

  • 40% female staff
  • 8 nationalities
  • Powerful public voice for inclusion in construction
  • Corporate Social Responsibility through pro bono work
Management Team
Managing Director
Dominique Gill

Meet Dominique

Our Founder And Managing Director
Q: How did you come to start Urban Core?

A: I started my construction career as a Project Manager with a Tier One building company. This provided a great grounding in the industry. Despite performing at a high level and receiving an industry award, I was finding it difficult to break through the glass ceiling. So, I thought, why not start my own company?

Q: How has the business developed since its inception?

A: Like many entrepreneurs, I started the business at my kitchen table, initially taking on small scale fitout work and gradually building into larger scale work as the business progressed. Since then, the business has gone on to establish a strong reputation for high quality fitout work in the hospitality, retail and office sectors. We have also grown into a talented and diverse team of 25 people.

Q: Has being a female business leader been a help or a hindrance to the growth of the business?

A: In the early years of the business it felt like being female was a disadvantage. I had to really fight to overcome industry stereotypes and establish my credibility. 

More recently, this situation seems to have flipped. We now have $50 million + of completed work, so establishing credibility is less of an issue. Coupled with that, many of our clients are seeking to embrace diversity via their procurement practices, so being female-led is something that is really working for us.

Q: What do you enjoy most about running your business?

A: I really enjoy being empowered to make decisions, follow my instincts and to be in control of my own destiny. There is also huge pride in contributing to the Australian economy having created 25 jobs.

Q: What has prompted the rebrand?

A: Over time, our original name, Urban Fitouts was expanded to Urban Fitouts & Construction to reflect our growing capabilities. However, this longer name was awkward for visual branding purposes and the acronym UF&C seemed too close to the unrelated and widely known, ‘Ultimate Fighting Championship’ or ‘UFC’ brand.

In addition our vision and remit for the business has expanded and our offering has become more sophisticated. A brand refresh is a great way to communicate the evolution of our business to the marketplace.

Q: Will you be remaining as the same entity?

A: Yes. This is something I want to make really clear. Our trading name will change but our entity and ABN will remain the same. We have not been bought out. We remain in an incredibly strong financial position.

Q: What is your vision for Urban Core?

A: Our rebrand is all about positioning Urban Core as leaders in the construction industry. We intend to pursue some really strong agendas with regards to our ‘Next generation construction’ positioning. Including pursuing diversity both within our team and among our suppliers, sustainable construction practices and continuing the relationship-based approach that has underpinned the success of the business to date.